Jessica (University Scholar) is a third year biomedical engineering major, interested in the immune system’s role in prosthetic implants.

She loves to travel, play basketball, and drink coffee.


Michael is a freshman biomedical engineering student Interested in how materials interact with the body.
He loves to explore new bike paths listening to hip-hop and playing video games.
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Kathryn is a second year Biomedical Engineering undergraduate student who is currently using research to explore her interests in the field.

She loves to read, watch animated movies, and paddle board.

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Caroline is a Chemistry undergraduate student Interested in materials to direct immune function.
She loves playing soccer, working out, and having time to listen to music.


LARSON (She/Her)

Lara is a third-year undergrad in biosystems engineering in the biomedical engineering pathway at the University of Kentucky. Previously, Lara has completed an internship as a process development engineer at Pfizer as well as a development engineering co-op in the Ethicon branch of Johnson + Johnson. Lara has long had a passion for autoimmune disease research, specifically with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus work. During Lara’s time at Pfizer, she connected with many leaders within the Inflammation and Immunology sector of the company. Lara’s mentors at Pfizer encouraged her to pursue a doctoral degree following completion of her undergrad with motivation to continue her career path focused in autoimmunity.

Lara is excited to study biomaterials and lupus in the Moore Lab for summer 2022 as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research at Florida program.

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