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We strive to develop compassionate innovators equipped to transform biomedical research.

Assistant Professor, Fischell Department of Bioengineering,  the University of Maryland, College Park (Summer 2023- Present)

Erika is driven to change our focus in biomedical engineering. Beginning in immunology, she works to create biomaterial platforms to better understand the contribution of immune cells to tissue development and disease pathology with special care and attention given to health inequities. 

She also enjoys dancing (ZUMBA), planning (yes, really), reading, and creative writing.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Aakanksha Jha, MS, PhD (She/Her)

Aakanksha Jha is our FIRST Moore Lab PhD! She is now working as a postdoctoral fellow during her transition to industry. She is a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award for International Students.

She also enjoys singing,  dancing salsa, travel, and always seeks adventure!

Email: ajha22[a]umd.edu 

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Nana Owusu-Boaitey, MA, PhD (He/Him)

After graduating from UMBC, Nana earned his PhD in Immunology at Washington University in St. Louis. After spearheading COVID-19 epidemiology studies and gaining his Masters in Bioethics, Nana joins the Moore Lab! Nana is a recipient of several awards including the NRSA Institutional Research T32 Training Grant.

Nana enjoys running (every day), watching horror movies, and listening to podcasts. 

Email: nana3[a]umd.edu

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PhD Students

Justin Silberman (UF) (He/Him)

Justin received the prestigious University of Florida’s Graduate School Preeminence Award and is supported by the N.I.H.T32 Regenerative Medicine Training Grant (5T32DK074367-04). His work focuses on macrophage function with age. 

He enjoys running, playing video games, playing guitar, and listening to music. 

Email: jsilberman[at]ufl.edu

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Michele Dill (UF) (She/Her)

Michele is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering and a recipient of the NSF GRFP Fellowship! She is interested in the balance between tissue regeneration and fibrosis and taking inspiration from regenerative organisms to apply to wound healing in humans.

She enjoys hiking, reading, crafting, and playing the clarinet.

Email: mdill[a]ufl.edu

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Alison Veintimilla (UMD) (She/Her)

Alison received both their undergraduate and masters degree from Brown University. They are currently a Ph.D. student in the Moore lab in pursuit of utilizing biomaterials to leverage an understanding of autoimmune disorders, focusing on ancestral differences in lupus.

In their spare time, they enjoy activities such as rock-climbing, tennis, and video games.

Email: aveintim[a]umd.edu 

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Undergraduate Researchers

Michael Olagbiyan (UF) (He/Him) 

Michael is a junior biomedical engineering student Interested in how materials interact with the body! He works with Justin focused on developing biomaterial models to replicate aging. Michael is a UF University Research Scholar!
He loves to explore new bike paths, listening to hip-hop, and playing video games!
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We appreciate every researcher who has been apart of our journey!


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