Graduate Students


Justin Silberman (He/Him)

Justin received the prestigious University of Florida’s Graduate School Preeminence Award and is supported by the N.I.H.T32 Regenerative Medicine Training Grant (5T32DK074367-04).

He enjoys running, playing video games, playing guitar, and listening to music. 

Email: jsilberman[at]

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Michele Dill (She/Her)

Michele is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering and a recipient of the NSF GRFP Fellowship. She is interested in the balance between tissue regeneration and fibrosis and taking inspiration from regenerative organisms to apply to wound healing in humans.

She enjoys hiking, reading, crafting, and playing the clarinet.

Email: mdill[a]

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Alison Veintimilla (She/Her)

Alison previously worked with treating and studying communicable pathologies. They received both their undergraduate and masters degree from Brown University. They are currently a Ph.D. student in the Moore lab in pursuit of utilizing biomaterials to leverage an understanding of autoimmune disorders. 

In their spare time, they enjoy activities such as rock-climbing, tennis, and video games.

Email: veintimillalison[a]

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