Congrats to Chandler on his new paper: Site-Specific Glycosylation Analysis of Murine and Human Fcγ Receptors Reveals High Heterogeneity at Conserved N-Glycosylation Site!


PAPER ALERT: IKVAV + Macrophages

Congrats to Aakanksha on her new paper: Laminin-derived peptide, IKVAV, modulates macrophage phenotype through integrin mediation! 


PAPER ALERT: Metformin Treatment

Congrats to Justin on his new paper: Metformin Treatment of Macrophages Increases Microvessel Growth in Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Coculture! 


Congrats to Ally! 

Congrats to Ally for being awarded the UMD MPower Fellowship!


Welcome Ally and Lara!

Welcome Ally and Lara to the Moore Lab! We're so excited to have TWO Moore PhD students join the lab!


Welcome Miriam, Research Technician! 

Welcome Miriam as our Senior Research Technician! We are thrilled to have you join us and help us with our clinical samples!



Jan/Feb 2024

Congrats to the lab for 3 NEW papers in Feb! Check out our papers!

Feb 2024

Congrats to Ally for being awarded the MPower Graduate Research Fellowship from UMD Bioengineering!

Feb 2024

Congrats to Dr. Moore for being elected Co-Vice Chair and Co-Chair for 2026 and 2028 GRC ImmunoEngineering!

Jan 2024

Dr. Moore had a wonderful time speaking at CMBE!

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